Light, depth and distance.

Light always has been present in architecture. It enhances and illuminates our spaces, in multifunctional ways, from architectural, to task, to ambience, to decorative functions, we've all seen it.

I want to use light as an object just like artist Dan Flavin. He gave me the inspiration that I can capture light just like an object.

One of my latest residential projects has a very long, tall and narrow passage. In the end of this tunnel-like space lies the master suite. When I first saw it I felt like Allice in Wonderland...The hallway started visually running away from me and the space felt longer then it really was...I decided that instead of adding to the space I would instead carve an object out of it...A series of random voids have been created in different sizes and depths. An LED lighting with dimmers will be installed, illuminating some niches from the top and some of them from the bottom. The glowing element will allowing the light to travel from top and bottom creating visual depth and rythm traveling along with you as you are passing by....